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We are driven by values

We currently stock over 500 items which are a mix of fresh food, dry food, dairy, personal hygiene, and cleaning products. For all items that we stock we are looking at:

  • What packaging the product comes in – our first preference is no packaging or circular packaging, then reused packaging, then paper/cardboard due to its ability to be recycled and then composted at the end of its life, then plastic – soft plastic preferred over hard plastic due to the amazing work done by replas in Australia.
  • Where the product is produced (with a preference on locally grown and produced products), this allows us to keep the food miles to a bare minimum.
  • How a is product produced (is it organic? Biodynamic? Backyard grown?).

As an overarching priority, we want our products to be affordable, this means that we are usually only at optimal results for one or two of our three focus areas. This aligns with our belief that perfection should not be allowed to be the enemy of good.


We take a holistic approach to reviewing items we have in store. If we can find a more sustainable item at an affordable price we will add it to our store offering


Our goal is to keep a standard shopping basket within 20% of the price range of a standard supermarket shopping basket.


We want to put as much thought into the items we stock so that, when you buy from us, the mental load of shopping sustainably is reduced by as much as possible.