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Reduce food miles

From reduced carbon footprints to fresher foods. There are so many reasons we love to stock local products.

Limit landfill waste

We buy in bulk and support businesses that use circular packaging to limit the landfill waste of our store and our customers.

Support great producers

It is important that we give flora and fauna a chance to survive. We prioritise organic, insecticide-free, and naturally sourced products.

Bulk liquids

From Olive Oil grown in the Grampians of Victoria stocked in reusable stainless steel kegs to Dishwashing Liquid made in Victoria and supplied in reusable plastic tubs – we have the liquids to keep your house running smoothly – without the single-use packaging.

Bulk foods

We stock a wide range of foods in bulk. We are not a health food store, we are an environmentally focused grocery store – with this title comes the freedom to stock most pantry staples. From standard and specialty flours to dried fruit and nuts. We have many of your needs covered.

We are driven by values

Ecopact Groceries was founded based on an acknowledged need for more sustainable shopping to be simpler and affordable. We will always try to meet these needs.

Our little shop

“Such a great find in the west! VERY reasonable prices and good selection of staples, tea, spices and low waste / plastic free products. Some fresh produce too.
Also, only bulk store where I’ve managed to find bulk TVP !

Melissa – Google reviews

“Love the ethos and execution of the vision behind Ecopact. Great bulk food place, with a twist! We absolutely rely on it for all our dairy needs (Schulz organic range) including milk, cream and yoghurt. All our oil, cleaning and cooking needs, plus fresh produce sourced locally (bulk strawberries and blueberries are my fav).
Can’t recommend highly enough, so do your bit, reduce waste and still be able to source all the deliciousness you want!!”

Kirsty – Google reviews

“Wonderful local bulk food shop with friendly staff and a great, affordable selection. Highly recommend!”

N Miles – Google reviews

Let’s work together on creating a future we can be proud of!

As one person you may not be able to see the impact you have on the world, but together as many people, our choices have an impact.